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Who We Are

Farmers Trade Coffee Company is a family-run business in Fort Worth, Texas. It began as a hobby by Blaine, an airline pilot, and his husband Cristian, an engineer born and raised in Colombia. As avid coffee drinkers and home roasters they wanted to find a way to support coffee producers who grow excellent coffee while broadening their own coffee experience. Together, they decided to develop a business sourcing the best green coffee beans they could get their hands on.

Farmers Trade Coffee Company offers the world’s most desired types of specialty coffee beans for commercial and home roasters. Our selections often change depending on availability, weather patterns, harvest season, and customer demand. Our beans come from several regions around the world, like Central and South America, Indonesia, Africa, India and China, just to name a few. Many of these coffee beans are Organic, Fairtrade, single origin, micro-lot, environmentally friendly, and grown using sustainable methods. We request samples of each lot, roast them in-house, and put them through a coffee-cupping test.

Farmers Trade Coffee Company

Giving Back

Farmers Trade pledges to donate ten cents for each pound of specialty coffee beans we sell. Sustainable coffee production and economic growth of farmers is what’s most important to us! Visit our Giving Back page to learn more about how your coffee bean purchase supports the important people who grow it.

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